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Brace Yourself, The 2019 Budgeting and Business Planning Season is Here

Brace yourself, the 2019 budgeting and business planning season is here. If you have regained your composure, it’s not all bad news. We know how busy small business owners are day in, day out. We also know that flying by the seat of your pants seems easier than taking time to budget income and [...]

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Supreme Court Introduces Sales Tax on Online Sales

For years, online retailers have enjoyed a competitive advantage over brick & mortar industries by promising lower rates to consumers while delivering products at their doorsteps. The Supreme Court has put a kink in the armor of the online e-commerce bonanza.

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2016 Personal Income Tax Preparation

Once again our thoughts turn to personal income tax preparation, as the tax-filing season has arrived. The following steps will ensure that your returns will be completed in an accurate and efficient manner. SAVE ALL YEAR END TAX INFORMATION STATEMENTS that are pertinent to completing your return (i.e. interest, real estate taxes, brokerage statements, etc.) [...]

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Understanding what is a chart of accounts

Why should I care about a chart of accounts? Money in, money out. What’s left over is profit, right? Sales minus expenses equal profits, right? Such are the type of questions we often hear from people who are considering opening a small business. We also speak to this topic with new clients who have decided [...]

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What’s the difference between a Business Plan, a Forecast and a Budget?

What's the difference between a Business Plan,  a Forecast, and a Budget? Or as I prefer to label it: Exercise, Control, and Agility. It is crucial to think about this now, because as we near the end of the year it is always a good time to do a little refresher to plan for the [...]

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Can We Write Off the Holiday Party?

Can We Write Off the Holiday Party? New and prospective clients ask this question every year about this time, and it’s no wonder.  When you consider the tax code goes under revision every year, it’s conceivable that deductions come under scrutiny for businesses and people alike. Let’s be clear to start. If you have not [...]

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